Mysore Style Classes

Mysore is a city in the South of India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois was teaching Ashtanga Yoga from 1948 until his last days in 2009.

The physical practice of Ashtanga is organized into six series or sequences of postures. For example, the first series consists of a sequence of postures called Sun Salutations, a sequence of standing poses, a sequence of sitting postures and a closing sequence.

In Mysore classes we learn these sequences of the postures the way it has been taught traditionally; from the teacher to the individual student, starting from scratch, moving forward progressively, each student at his/her own pace. You start learning the sun salutations and when these are performed correctly and efficiently, controlling every movement and every breath, then we will progress onto the standing sequence, the sitting sequence and the closing one.

Each posture prepares you for the next, so until you are able to perform a posture correctly you will not move on to learn the following one.

During this process the teacher will help each student individually, when necessary and convenient. That is why this style of personalized teaching is suitable for all levels, both for beginners and for more experienced students.

Men and women of all ages and physical condition, can practice Ashtanga Yoga... as Pattabhi Jois said, the lazy are the only ones that cannot practice Ashtanga.

In Mysore classes you can start your practice at any time until an hour and half before it ends. For instance, in the morning (08:00-11:00) the latest admittance will be 09:30.